Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I first found my love for writing at the age of 14 and used it to cope with life as a south central teenager. As I got older I was involved and forced into many different lifestyles, but although this pain could have cost me everything I allowed my own words to become my freedom.

I’m relentless to bring realistic poetry that relates to many struggles through life, friendship and reward. Most would describe me as an influential motivator and through my poetry and personal blogs I bring real life experiences to light.

My destiny is to wake up the world on overlooked topics, as an activist for human traffic victim and the impact it has on family as well has mental health. I carry associates in Administration of justice and liberal arts of science and social behavior, but most importantly I enjoy the life of being a servant hood leader, traveling, and helping others elevate their life. Daily I push myself to help others put manifestation behind their WHY!.

Destined to teach many generations how to turn their passion into purpose, their purpose into profession, while using pain as fuel to generate the life they deserve. As a south central, Los Angeles native I grew from victim to victory. I’m relevant to this audience because, anything we go through in life is a test! My test became my “test-timony”. My will is to allow my testimony to serve as justice and create manifestation starting with you.

I was human trafficked from age 17 to 23 and those are years I can never get back, but I plan to spend the rest of the years of my life fighting for others like myself.

When you ask me about my WHY!

I will teach my generation how to turn their PASSION into their PURPOSE, their purpose into their PROFIT, and profit into their PROFESSION, while using pain as fuel to join me in becoming some of the most powerful survived and servanthood leaders of mankind.

Zandria White -What I Value

Submit to your dreams not temptation, because the seeds you plant today determines the profit of your farm tomorrow.

Zandria White

When I stand before God after he sends his son to get me, I will like to say ‘It is finished, father I used everything.

Zandria White

It doesn’t matter the dirt they put on your name, because you are a seed and soil is required to grow.

Zandria White

If we do not learn from history, we will repeat its mistakes.

Zandria White

Rise with determination, choose your path with observation, and claim your dreams by applying actions.

Zandria White

The worst mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.

Zandria White

When temptation is knocking at your door, always remember when looking in the mirror and day I’m enough.

Zandria White

Let’s Turn Your Passion to Purpose & Purpose to Profession.